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How Much Is A Xbox 360 Hard Drive At Gamestop

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JennyBaby131 1 year agoI bought this hard drive, because Skyrim was glitching and after trying all other troubleshooting methods, the last possible issue was that the hard drive was corrupted, so I bought a new one, with twice the memory capacity. Whatever the issue was, the new hard drive solved the problem. Additionally, the game no longer freezes (which was a huge issue) and runs much more smoothly. Skyrim is the only game I play, so I am very appreciative. Length of ownership: 1 weekyes: I recommend this product

Wir kaufen deine gebrauchten Games & Konsolen

Was tun, wenn die Games einem die Regale verstopfen und die alte Konsole immer mehr zum Staubfänger verkommt? Wir kaufen dir deine gebrauchten Games, Konsolen und auch dein Zubehör ab! Trade-in: Neues mit Gebrauchtem bezahlenDer Ankauf bei GameStop funktioniert ganz einfach: Schnapp dir deine gebrauchten Games, Konsolen oder Zubehör und bring es in eine Filiale in deiner Nähe. Den Erlös für deine gebrauchten Produkte kannst du entweder zum Kauf neuer Games, Konsolen oder Zubehör verwenden oder als Guthaben auf eine Gutscheinkarte buchen lassen. Zusammen mit ein paar gebrauchten Games reicht es vielleicht sogar noch für den neuesten Blockbuster im Gaming-Regal.

Gamestop employee contradicts everything I've seen? (External Hard Drive) : xboxone

So I was going to get an external hard drive for my xbox one today, this on e to be exact - http://www.currys.ie/Product/seagate-seagate-backup-plus-external-hard-drive-andndash-2-tb-black/330469/7.15.0Before i was going to buy it I went into gamestop and i was told that none of them work, and that I should "wait until gamestop get ones" or delete things off my hard drive... He said theyre "not compatible". I also didn't mention any specific hard drive, he just said that EVERY external hard drive from that store isn't compatible... Being cautious, I didn't buy it, came home and double checked that some of you kind people were using this one with your xbox/ps4, and lo and behold, there was an army of comments of success with this drive. So is the gamestop employee just trying to make me miserable or can anyone confirm that this will work?

GameStop lists standalone 250 GB 360 hard drive (Update) – Destructoid

Hey look what GameStop.com is trying to sell us — a standalone 250 GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 for $129.99! It seems Greenberg is making us out to be liars, or GameStop is putting phantom inventory on its Web site. I mean, isn’t $129.99 for a 250 GB hard drive a little inexpensive for Microsoft? We are talking about the same folks who sold us 120 GB of space for $149.99, and before that 20 GB for one-hundred-effin-dollars, right? [Update: In light of the GameStop listing, Microsoft told us today “We have nothing to announce at this time.”]

How Much Is Tax On Xbox One Store

I bought a 25$ gift card to buy Metro 2033 with and I don’t have enough. Anyone know the amount? (I had .50$ in...
Carl Dyson
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How Much Is A Xbox 360 Charger

Battery Pack for Xbox One Controller, YCCTEAM Controller Charger for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One Elite Controller, Charging Station...
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