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How Many Compatibility Packs Are There For Destiny Xbox 360

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I would have left my question in the title but the last time I did a mod flagged it as low effort. As the title asked.... How many compatibility packs are we downloading here? Because it clearly states a title is required but expanding further is not. But that confused me when my post was removed for being low effort and when I asked the mod what to do differently I was ignored. Could we not have done 1 or 2 of these on an earlier date?

How many compatibility packs are there? > Destiny

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how many compatibility packs are there?

If i recall when i looked in the files on the 360 mine had Pack 5 to 8. The odd thing i noticed it doesn't install in order. A suggestion is to dashboard for each one and if need be continue download via dashboard instead of in game. Only draw back to this is you need to load the game for each pack. Still didn't take as long to download dash boarding each time as it did downloading everything via in game.

Destiny compatibility packs

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Destiny Xbox 360

To resolve this issue:1) Turn off the Xbox 360. 2) Turn the Xbox 360 back on. 3) Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select System Settings. Clear the system cache of your Xbox 360. You can find your Account History by navigating to the Settings Tab, selecting Account and Download History.

Compatibility Pack

Compatibility PackCopy and paste this link into an e-mail or instant message: Click to create and send a link using your email applicationPlease download this FREE compatibility pack to allow for co-op play. without this pack there may be differences in the Host & Co-op players game due to Addon releases, so all users are encouraged to download this pack before attempting co-op play. If you are experiencing issues with co-op, please redownload this pack and have all other players do so as well.

Preparing the Game

Preparing the GameInstallationStarting the GameWhen playing the game for the first time, you may be prompted to download additional files. I'm playing using the an Asian PS3 version of the game and I encountered errors when starting the game using my main, (Asian) PSN account. After the Compatibility Pack is successfully installed, the game will proceed downloading the main game data.Don't worry about the “Transferring Game Content” message. Once the game installs successfully, you should be able to start immediately afterward. After customizing your character, you're ready to start the game!

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