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How To Transfer Music From Phone To Xbox 360

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Help getting my android device to play music on 360.

Poet,As Misses Joust has asked, what is the file format of your music? I've never used my Android S4 Active as a portable music player but for the sake of assisting I've attempted to do so. Browsing the phone contents I show my music stored in the location \SAMSUNG-SGH-I537PhoneMusic . One following the steps to play media from a portable device my device showed all folders on the phone. Currently, I'm leaning toward the file format being the potential issue here.

How to Transfer Music to XBox 360 HDD

The Xbox 360 has several methods of moving music into its hard-drive memory: by direct CD ripping, manual transferring or using the Content Transfer Wizard. Transfer from a CDPress the power button on your Xbox 360 to turn it on without any disc inside the tray. Turn on your Xbox 360 and navigate to "My Xbox." When asked which action you wish to take, select "Move," then select the Xbox 360 hard drive. Alternative Method: Transfer Content WizardInsert the storage device that contains your music files into the proper port of the Xbox 360.

How can I transfer music/Video etc..To xbox 360?

To do it using dlna, you need both the xbox360 and your phone on the same network. You also need a computer running windows media center. You must have the MC computer turned on and the xbox in MCE mode for it to work. With W7, the xbox will log in in the background as the MCE service and start MC running, not sure about XP or Vista. There's no reason why MS can't release a xbox update that allows dlna to work without needing MC running on a seperate computer, but it depends on how helpful they want to be.

How To Transfer Music To Xbox 360 From Phone

How To Download Music To Your Xbox 360 Youtubehow to transfer music to xbox 360 from phonehow to transfer music to xbox 360 from phone is a summary of the best information with HD images sourced from all the most popular websites in the world. You can access all contents by clicking the download button. If want a higher resolution you can find it on Google Images. Note: Copyright of all images in how to transfer music to xbox 360 from phone content depends on the source site. 3 Ways To Take Music From Your Computer And Put It On Your Xbox 360How To Play Your Music On A Xbox 360 Game 4 Steps With PicturesListen To Music On Xbox 360 Xbox 360 ConsoleHow To Connect An Iphone To An Xbox 360Move Xbox Content Copy Or Move Xbox Content Xbox 360 Storage3 Ways To Take Music From Your Computer And Put It On Your Xbox 360How To Connect Any Phone To The Xbox360 Iphone Andriod OnMove Xbox Content Copy Or Move Xbox Content Xbox 360 StorageMusic From Phone To Xbox 360 Ways To Stream Download 100 FreeHow To Transfer Xbox 360 Hard Drive Save Data To New Slim 360View Pictures On Xbox 360 Console View Slideshow On Xbox 360Related : How To Transfer Music To Xbox 360 From Phone.

How to Take Music From Your Computer and Put It on Your Xbox 360

Do you wish you could listen to your own music while playing your favorite video games? Do you want to turn your Xbox 360 into an all-purpose entertainment center? Adding music to your Xbox 360 allows you to listen to it in many games or any time you want. Beyond adding music to your Xbox's hard drive, you can also play music from flash drives and portable media players, as well as stream music from your computer. See Step 1 below to learn how.

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