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How To Set Up Afterglow Headset Xbox One

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Today I bit the bullet and decided to buy a wireless headset for my xbox one, an afterglow ag9 prismatic. Looking at everything online, it should be as simple as putting in the usb transmitter and powering the headset on. Well, I did that, and a notification popped up saying said headset is now associated with my profile. Are all the cables that came with it for if you wanted to use it as a wired controller for the 360? Does the fact that the transmitter is emitting a green light and the headset is letting off a blue light have anything to do with this?

How to set Up Afterglow Ag9 Headset Xbox One

00:00 okay you two I'm gonna show you how00:02 today how to connect a wireless a genome00:06 right to your Xbox one so you this00:10 little chip you're gonna hook it up at00:15 the bottom left for your Xbox and to00:18 show like a green blue died just give it00:23 a couple of seconds00:26 there it go then you grab your mic then00:32 it's gonna be like a little button that00:34 you hold right there00:39 hold it just wait there go now it's00:47 connected now grab my controller00:55 wait just wait then I can hear it in the01:02 on controller on I meant on the mic from01:07 the controller okay then another thing I01:11 want to do for you guys who don't know01:13 how to how to control and connect like01:18 aging I might you hold this button to01:21 change the color the button right here01:24 hold it slowly change colors see01:39 that's why you guys who don't know but01:41 think guys watch on my video today


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Afterglow AG 9 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Anonymous 11 months agoSo I bought this headset thinking they might be decent for the price instead all I did was buy a headache. I thought the battery might have been low but after charging for two hours I had the same BEEP. Mind you now it wasn’t just a quick light and low beep but instead a BEEP to end all BEEPS. Now imagine this on your ears while trying to play a great game or communicate with teammates online. Needless to say that I am not satisfied with my waste of money on these deafening monstrosity.

Afterglow AG9 Wireless Headset

Premium Xbox One Wireless Headset & Beeindruckende 30mm Neodymium Audio DriversDas Afterglow Wireless Xbox One Headset bietet eine einfache Handhabung, mit dem mitgelieferten USB-Transmitter, mit einer Reichweite von bis zu 12 m. Genieße bis zu 16 Stunden Akkulaufzeit für lange Gaming-Sessions. Beeindruckende 30mm Neodymium Audio Drivers: Erlebe deine Spiele wie du es kennst mit unserem Powerful 50mm Neodymium Driver. Das flexible Mikrofon mit der Umweltgeräusch-Filter-Funktion sorgt für eine klare Kommunikation mit anderen Spielern. Das Afterglow AG 9 Wireless Headset für die Xbox One ist alles was benötigt wird für eine erfolgreiche Gaming-Session - und eine unglaubliche Premium Erweiterung zu der Afterglow Reihe. Die unglaublichen tiefen und der satte und kristallklare Sound suchen ihres gleichen.

Headset issues

I also use the Afterglow AG9+ It is a wireless headset with it's own USB adapter that plugs into the Xbox. There are no connections to the controller. If you can hear everyone else, but they cannot hear you then the first thing to check is your NAT status. Instructions for doing that can be found here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/networking/network-settingsIf you have an Moderate or Strict NAT, then the next thing to try would be running the Multiplayer Game Solutions here:https://support.xbox.com/xbox-one/networking/nat-error-solutionIf your NAT is OPEN, and they still cannot hear you, it may be a headset issue. You can find the Manual for the headset here:https://support.pdp.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/115007432068/Afterglow_AG9__-_XB1.pdfAnd PDP support can be contacted here: https://support.pdp.com/hc/en-us/articles/205270047-PDP-Customer-Service-Phone-Number-Contact-InformationLet us know if you get it working!

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