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How To Restart Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Xbox One

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How to start a new game? (Syndicate) : assassinscreed

Started Syndicate on XBOX ONE half a year ago or so, put it down, and decided to pick it back up. Forgot about the plot and characters so decided to restart game since I was only a few chapters in. no restart or delete. Went to --> manage apps/games --> assassain's creed syndicate --> delete internal dataBooted up game and game still showed 14% progress. Went to --> manage apps/games --> syndicate --> delete applicationDeleted the entire game and reinstalled from disc, booted up, still 14% progressWhat am I missing?

How do I start a new game on assassin creed syndicate

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Syndicate new game

So I decided to start a new game on AC Syndicate after not playing it for a while and I can’t find the optionHelp please?

How do I restart Assassin's Creed Unity on the Xbox One?

To delete your save file from the Xbox One version of Assassin's Creed: Unity, please follow the steps outlined in the guide found on Microsoft's website to remove save data from your console -

Deleting your save file

{"producerId":"000061965","title":"Deleting your save file","masterVersionTitle":"Deleting your save file","content":"","bannerIcon":"Exclamation Sign","bannerColor":"Red","createdAt":"12/23/2020 11:41:51","updatedAt":"12/23/2020 11:41:57","contentType":"article","agentUtcOffset":0,"installments":[{"name":"Assassin's Creed Unity","intlName":"Assassin's Creed Unity","spaceId":"dc9523ee-d85f-412e-bda6-6210ffbf1a2c","salesforceId":"4043","slug":"assassins-creed-unity","titles":[]}],"platforms":[{"id":"9","name":"PC"},{"id":"43","name":"Xbox One"},{"id":"47","name":"PlayStation 4"}],"standardAttributes":{"topics":[{"key":"connectivity-and-performance","value":"Connectivity and Performance"}],"categories":[{"key":"technical-troubleshooting","value":"Technical Troubleshooting"}],"tags":[]},"link":"/assassins-creed-unity/connectivity-and-performance/article/deleting-your-save-file/000061965","versionNumber":12,"isMachineTranslated":false}

How do I start a new game in Assassin's Creed: Unity?

I have completed playing the main sequence of the game. Now I would like to play from the start again. I don't seem to find a new game option in the menu. Am I missing something? I would like to play the game again after the patch 3 is released.

How can I start a new game in Assassin's Creed Syndicate on PC?

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