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How To Merge Xbox Live Accounts

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Hi xbox players of reddit. I've recently reacquired my Xbox 360S which has never been connected to the internet and am planning on hooking it up soon. I also have an xbox one though and a different profile on that which has my xbox live gold subscription. Is there any way to merge these two accounts when I connect the 360S to the internet, or at least some way to put the couple of backwards compatible digital games I own onto the 360S and play them with the old account? Thanks heaps for any replies.

How to merge two xbox accounts

Hi,So recently with the announcement of the xbox game pass for PC ive run into a kind of unique situation. Way back in probably 2006-2007 I created an xbox live account to play on my 360. In order to do this, I at the time created an @live email to facilitate this account. I've used this xbox profile for more than 10 years now for my console gaming and thats pretty much all that @live account was every used for. So now my problem boils down to this, how do I go about merging the @live account into my current hotmail/outlook account.

Can I merge two separate Xbox LIVE Gold accounts under one XBL Gold Family Pack?

According to Microsoft, Yes. To do so, you need to add the secondary accounts to the same console as the primary account holder. You then "activate" them into the Family Pack. After that, you can recover those accounts onto different consoles, and etc.

How to merge two xbox accounts

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Followup: Microsoft's Answer to Combining Multiple Accounts (and Master Accounts?)

Yes, the term Windows Live ID is synonymous with Hotmail account so if you've got a Hotmail account, you've in tern, got a Windows Live ID. Many people are already using either an Xbox live account or Zune account without them being linked to a Windows Live ID. First off, as of writing this, it is not possible to combine any number of Zune accounts, Xbox Live accounts, or Windows Live ID's if they were created using differing Windows Live ID's. If you've opened a Zune account with one Windows Live ID then open an Xbox Live account with a different Windows Live ID you cannot link the Zune to the Xbox account or the Xbox account to the Zune account. The same goes for those of you with two Xbox Live accounts.

How to Merge XBox Profiles

It's possible to create an offline gamer profile on your Xbox 360 that is different from the profile you create on Xbox.com. It's possible to merge an offline gamer profile with your Xbox.com profile, but it will take some gamertag juggling. Unfortunately, it's not possible to merge two online profiles into a single account; this process is only for gamers who have built up offline achievements before joining Xbox Live. Open your gamer profile from the Xbox Dashboard or Guide and select "Edit Gamer Profile." Select the "Xbox Live" banner in the Xbox Live area of the Dashboard, then select "Join Xbox Live" and follow the onscreen instructions.

How To Transfer Music From Phone To Xbox 360

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How To Get Followers On Xbox One

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