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How To Get Stone In Ark Xbox One

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How to survive your first few hours in ARK: Survival Evolved for Xbox One

Quick side note: As you play through the first bits of the game, you’ll level up. Open your inventory (press ‘B’), then click the “Craftables” button on the top-left side of the inventory screen. You can pump up one of your base stats (like Health, Stamina, Food level, etc. Then, find the campfire in your inventory, press RT to use the item, then press ‘B’ to exit the menu. After that, you’ll need to find something small like a Dodo, a Dilophosaurus, or a fish.


Stone is one of the resources in ARK: Survival Evolved used for crafting and as ammunition for the Slingshot. Stone can also be harvested from rocks using tools, such as a Pick or more efficiently with a Hatchet. Stone can also be gathered autonomously by a Doedicurus, either set to wander, or parked next to a suitable rock. Stone is used in many of the early tools and structures and for creating more advanced crafting resources, and is used quite commonly, even in the late crafting tiers. Stone is also used as ammunition for the Slingshot, the first ranged weapon available to a new player.

Getting started

Crafting the Essentials [ edit | edit source ]Your beginning or new survivor will already know (3) Engrams: Note, Stone Pick and Torch. Natural Shelters [ edit | edit source ]There are natural shelters that are located in various rock formations. Obelisks and Supply Crates [ edit | edit source ]If you peer out into the distance, there are enormous floating structures casting an otherworldly light. Searching for Dinos to Tame [ edit | edit source ]Torpor inducing gear such as a Wooden Club or Slingshot. Steam Guides [ edit | edit source ]Steam provides an excellent feature for many games, where members of the community can create guides for the public.

Picking up stones? Help

Was able to pick up stones, etc. Bought the game for Xbox one a few months ago. Started playing the game and can't pick up any stones. Just started the game again and I still can't pick up any rocks. Spent the last hour now walking around trying to pick up different rocks and had no luck.

Can't Pick up Stone on PS4 : playark

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ARK: How to Get Flint (Survival Evolved)

How to Get Flint in ARK Survival EvolvedARK Survival Evolved will have you looking for resources a lot, being a crafting and survival game after all. One such important resource (that you’re obviously looking for) is flint. Make a stone pickaxe once you have the ingredients for it. Eventually, you’ll get flint this way! That’s really all there is to getting flint in ARK Survival Evolved!

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Personalisierte Inhalte und Werbeanzeigen können ebenfalls darauf basieren, darüber hinaus aber auch auf Aktivitäten wie Suchanfragen bei Google und Videos, die Sie sich bei...
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