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How To Get More Gigabytes On Xbox 360

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However, that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize those two USB ports and combine them for up to 64GB of storage space. Also, the minimum Xbox 360 will accept is a 1GB flash drive, as the Xbox 360 will reserve 512MB of space on the drive for system use. Once in the System Settings, select “Storage” and choose the “USB Storage Device.”9. The “Customize” option will allow you to partition off a certain amount of dedicated space to use with the Xbox 360. It’s important to note, however, that you won’t be able to download Original Xbox games off the Marketplace to this device.

How do I add extra memory?

I will probably go with getting the hard drive at GameStop. I have unfortunately had to report a few people who are incredibly rude and don't care that they are talking to a 9 year old. I just don't know too much about the additional features you can buy as far as upgrades of any kind including hard drive. Now the Xbox live and Microsoft point etc.... :)Thx for the hard drive info!

What is the most cost efficient way to increase storage on an Xbox 360?

Specifically, I want to buy a 360 but I also want to be able to download games from the marketplace. Cost is not the only factor (a major one though). Are there other disadvantages to replacing the hard drive (such as loss of warranty? the reason I'm buying a new console is for the warranty, after all). Also, a valid answer could explain how I could use an external hard drive that I already own to store and play games purchased from the xbox live marketplace.

Install a Flash Drive As a Memory Unit on the XBOX 360

Many people don't know this, but if you don't buy an XBOX 360 with a hard drive there is a simple and cheap(ish) alternative to buying a $50-100 hard drive and installing it. There are many flash drives that you can buy and use on your XBOX for storage. The one I have for my own XBOX has 16-20 (a lot) GB of memory, and it was about $20 on Amazon. Certain flash drives, i.e. mine, won't fit into any of the USB ports on the console.

How to Manage System Memory on an Xbox 360 Console

You might not have enough system memory, as you only have the 4GB model Xbox 360. Instructions on how to insert the hard drive to each respective unit are included with the purchase of your hard drive. If you own a higher memory system, your system memory may be full. If you own the Xbox 360 Classic system, you will need the Xbox 360 Classic Hard Drive. If you own a Xbox 360 S or E system, you will need the Xbox 360 Internal Hard Drive.

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