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How To Get Game Audio Through Headset Xbox 360

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Just like the next generation Playstation 4, the Xbox One is ABLE to give you headphone game sound from the controller. On the Xbox 360 you are limited to chat sound only. Or for the original Xbox 360 or S model, that console also has an optical output. Unfortunately, due to the age of the Xbox 360, a lot of headset makers discontinued such headphones. You can plug an optical cable or the stereo RCA plugs into the base station, which then transmits the sound wirelessly to the headphone.

Can I use the Xbox 360 Headset for game sounds instead of voice chat?

I recently picked up a cheap-o Xbox 360 wired headset (one that plugs into the wireless XBox 360 controller I use). However, the headset doesn't seem to emit any of the game sounds. If I pick up a better headset will I be able to use it to listen to the game sounds? Or is this somehow related to the game - do only some games send game audio to the controller? Or am I crazy to think that I'll be able to hear game audio through a headset connected to my XBox 360 wireless controller?

Xbox 360 HDMI - Anschluss von Kopfhörer für Game Audio

Der Adapter ist notwendig, da die Xbox 360 nicht zulässt, dass sowohl die HDMI- als auch die A / V-Kabel gleichzeitig eingesteckt werden. Der Xbox 360 Audio Adapter ist nicht kompatibel mit der Xbox 360 E, aber du brauchst sowieso keine zusätzlichen Kabel. Wenn Ihr Fernsehgerät keinen digitalen Audioausgang hat, müssen Sie das Xbox 360 Audio Adapter Kabel erhalten, um neben dem HDMI Anschluss zu arbeiten. Die HDMI-Verbindung sendet digitales Video und digitales Audio an Ihren Fernseher, während der Xbox 360 Audio Adapter Ihnen die optische digitale Audio-Buchse gibt, die Sie von der Xbox 360 an Ihr Ear Force Headset anschließen müssen. Warum ist der Xbox 360 Audio Adapter notwendig?

How do I use headphones for game sound with the xbox 360? : xbox360

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How to get game audio through headset? : xboxone

Went to gamestop and bought afterglow lvl 3 headset so I could have surround sound audio for fortnite. I plugged the jack directly into my controller and my controller is fully updated. The GameStop guy said that I should be able to get game audio in my headset but I can't get it to happen, much less even a proper guide for how to do it online.

PC Headset to XBOX 360 Adapter With Game Audio

If you do not want game audio through your headset then just ignore the jack connection in the upper right of the wiring diagrams and make the Y cable only. Speaker connection: (Without Game Audio) (With Game Audio Skip to step 18)9. If you’re making an adapter without Game Audio skip the following:Game Audio 3.5mm Male Jack to Speaker 2.5mm Female Jack:38. Slide the jack sleeve up and thread on to close the housing. If your soldering went well you now have an adapter that lets you use a PC-Headset with your XBOX 360 with or without game audio.


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No Sound Through Headset - Xbox 360

The chat audio is going from the 360 to the controller then into the headset. Make sure the volume is at the max, it's not muted, and it's playing through the headset. Make sure you have the physical mute and volume controls set correctly on the headset as well. Now try using all three of the different USB ports with a wired controller, and if you have a wireless controller, try that as well. If a friend's 360 works with both your controller and mic, then that must be the problem.

How To Transfer Music From Phone To Xbox 360

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