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How To Clean An Xbox 360

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How to Clean an Xbox 360 Slim


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How to Clean an Xbox 360

If you locate a bit of buildup, use a dry towel to wipe the outside of your Xbox off. Microsoft’s disclaimer pertaining to your Xbox 360 states that if you open, modify, or strip the warranty seal, your Xbox will lose its warranty coverage. Cleaning Your Xbox 360 ConsoleUnplug all the cords and perform a visual inspection of the outside of your Xbox. Cleaning the Inside of Your Xbox 360There are some people capable of taking an Xbox apart and cleaning the inside of it. Xbox CleanersMicrofiber cleaning cloth is the best dry cloth to wipe your Xbox clean with.

How to disassemble an xbox 360 for cleaning

When your beloved Xbox 360 starts getting noisy it is usually due to excess heat caused by dust build-up. Here I will show you how to take apart your Xbox 360 and clean it up! Now with videos.

How to Clean the Xbox 360 Laser

The kids use our old Xbox 360, so the drama at 7am on a Saturday when it wouldn't read the discs was unbearable. I made this fix, ran it through the tray a couple of times, and viola! A rejuvenated Xbox 360! Thank you!!

Best way to clean XBOX 360 S?

You could also use a vacuum with an attachment on the LOWEST setting possible. As for the glossy surface, it's just like detailing a car. Paper towels, towels, wash cloths, rags, etc. I only use a MICROFIBER cleaning cloth on my glossy Xbox. I just wipe the dust off my Xbox with the micro-fiber cloth.

Cleaning dust off the fan [xbox 360 slim] : xbox360

I've had my xbox for quite a while now, more than a couple of years, and never actually cleaned it and I want to do some dusting, especially clean off the fan. Obviously it's getting the dust off the fan, but I worry about the dust gathering on other components once it's sprayed off the fan itself. Also, I did search this sub for 'clean' and 'dust' and didn't find any threads mentioning best ways to clean the dust (other than from the outside surface). I have a Torx screwdriver, I've modded some of my controllers in the past. Is this torx screwdriver the right size for the T-10 screws on the chassis?

How To Transfer Music From Phone To Xbox 360

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How To Get Followers On Xbox One

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