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How To Change The Theme On Xbox 360

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How to Change an Xbox Theme

Setting up an Xbox theme is an ideal way to personalize your Xbox experience. Each theme changes the overall appearance of your Xbox background, icons, and menus without affecting functionality. Follow the steps below to change the current theme on your Xbox.

How to Change Theme on Xbox 360

Setting up How To Change Theme On Xbox 360 is an ideal way to personalize your video gaming experience. This step-by-step guide shows you how to change Xbox 360 theme in two ways. How to change theme on Xbox 360:Step 1:Turn on your Xbox console and scroll over to “Social.”Step 2:Click on your Gamertag (avatar). How to change background on Xbox 360 (custom themes):This method will cost you some money (but shouldn’t break your bank). There you have the guide on how to change theme on Xbox 360.

How to Change the Theme on your Xbox 360 Dashboard

Even though you can't completely customize your Xbox 360 dashboard experience, you can change the theme to reflect a part of yourself. There are a variety of themes to choose from in the Xbox Games Store, formerly known as the Xbox Live Marketplace, to make your dashboard feel more like home. Press "A" on "Change Theme." You can't preview the theme in this section, but you'll see the change immediately without having to return to the dashboard or restart the console. Tips To access the Xbox Games Store and download new themes, select "Browse Games" under the Games tab of your dashboard.

How to download, install and change the theme of an Xbox 360

That is why today we explain how to download, install and change the theme of an Xbox 360 . How to download and install the theme for an Xbox 360? And, thanks to the excellent quality of the Xbox 360, we can adapt the appearance of it to our liking. Steps to download and install themes on an Xbox 360The best way to get the themes you want for your Xbox 360 is to log into Xbox Live . Well now we will show you what you should do to change or set the theme of your Xbox 360 easily.

Xbox 360: Change the Default Dashboard Theme

To get a fresh view of your Windows 7 system, change the Aero Theme. The Xbox 360 lets you change its Dashboard theme too. Here I’m using the latest Xbox dashboard update. On the next screen select Change Theme. It’s cool to change your Xbox dashboard theme once in a while to for a fresh view.

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