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Nba 2k16 Xbox 360 Best Jump Shot

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nba 2k16 mycareer guide:best jumpshot

in nba, shooting mode and release timing nowadays can affect the temple and results of the match. here we’d like to share tips on the best nba 2k jumpshot and on improving field goal percentage in nba 2k16 mc mode. three-coin shot and release timing tipjump shot: release 70release timing: quickit is easy to do a release 70 jumpshot. mid-range jumpshot tipjump shot: m.jordan, release timing: quickjump shot: release 22, release timing: quickrelease 22 is mainly about starting your shot high and quick release timing, causing the defensive players fail to block shots. but the final results reply more on the player’s shooting stats.

Best jumpshot for midrange and 3pt game?? :: NBA 2K16 General Discussions

Best jumpshot for midrange and 3pt game?? Been experimenting with jumpers and havn't had much luck with finding the most consistent in 3pt and midrange. I'm 88 in 3 pointers. I'm currently using 70 and I love it's quickness but some games it's not consistent for me. Any suggestions?

Best Jumpshot for NBA 2k16 (PS3 and Xbox 360)

Originally Posted by MattHat Originally Posted byIf you are in love with shooting Midrange jumpshots, try Michael Jordan shot form with the Michael Jordan shot base on Quick to hit those middys. Warning: its not one of the best 3 point jumpshots its one of the best midrange shots though. Its 2000 vc though. If you chuck up alot of midranges and a rare 3 point shot now and then, try MJ on quick

what are the Top 5 best jump shots for nba 2k16 my career - NBA 2K21 Questions & Answers

I've found personally that some jumpsuits are wet for some while some are broke for the same people. There are also jump shots that are good enough to still be good for other positions. I've gone through jump shots w all positions at high 3 ratings. This is kind of a late post as 2k17 has been out for sometime but I still think 16 is better. Before 17 the best jumpshots were 51, 22, 83, 70, and 110 or so people said.

Best Wired Xbox 360 Controller

Still, there are plenty of differently designed Xbox 360 controllers. Xbox 360 Wireless ControllerThe Xbox 360 wireless controller is about as standard as it...
Ralph D. Kirby
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